I feel kind of bla-zay today. The beach walk was cancelled, because the D.O.E. people aren’t here. I’m doing laundry, got the non-specific blues. Going to work soon.
You know what? I don’t do anything creative. Every 5 years of so, I decide I want to draw and I go out and buy all these sketch pads, pencils, and books with titles like “How to Draw”. I can’t draw worth dawg doo. I wish I was able to do something creative, like paint, draw, write a song or SOMETHING!!

Like I said, I got the non specific blues.
Maybe I feel not right because:

I haven’t been diving in over 10 days.

I had a taste of something I’ve really been wanting for a long time and now it is out of reach again.

I have had too many days working in a row without a day off.

I keep thinking about another thing that I’ve mentioned before that concerns someone in bloggerworld. (I know, I shouldn’t let it bug me, but I do. I said I was going to let it go, but can’t)

I have not been too successful lately with the repairs I need to make at work.

If I thought more, I could add to the list.

Anyway, its time for me to head out the door for work!
Have a great day!

0 thoughts on “Bla-zay

  1. How about you take an art class? That way it is enjoyable and not so frustrating like when you try to do it on your own. Simply having the desire to do it, is half the battle! And, you should go diving! I need to have a creative outlet myself. Life can be quite unfulfilling huh? I know the feeling!

  2. I’ve got the bla-zays today too. But I think mine is because of the ick weather we are having. Makes it hard to get out of bed when it is gray outside. Yuk!