Wasted Day

Today I worked on that computer. It was weird. The guys who sold it and developed the broadcast program told me how to reconfigure it. Finally I called tech support for the RAID Controller manufacturer. He said I can’t do it that way.
So tomorrow I have to start over, re-format both drives and start over.
But I’ll get it, and when I do, I will be the all knowing diety about RAIDs!

That was work, but how do I feel?

I feel like I CANNOT sleep alone tonight after meeting that girl. I called the Bio Girl, no answer, no voice mail (I don’t even know if I’m turtle nest beach walking tomorrow) . I haven’t called the Fundraiser girl…

I just called her and she’s busy at the moment but promises to call back when she’s done. I like her but I don’t think anything can work between us because we’re so different. And I respect her enough that I wouldn’t try to just “get some”, unless of course she indicates that she wants to just “get some” in which case I will be most accomodating.

As far as I am concerned, the Bio Girl is out. The Fundraiser Girl, while the most desirable to me, isn’t realistic to hope for. The Other Island Girl, well, she lives on another island. I don’t do long distance. We can see each other again and maybe somethig will develop, but in the meantime… I’m still looking and I have zero prospects.

OK she called, I’m going to see her right now.

0 thoughts on “Wasted Day

  1. I re-read my post and can see how it’s kind of confusing. I stopped typing, and called the Fund-Girl. Then typed “I just called her…”She (The Fund Girl)said she’d call back in about an hour but called back in about 5 minutes.So I dropped everything and went to see her.

  2. Well…. what happened after you went to see Fundraiser girl? Long distance relationships may not be reasonable and may not work out alot of times but they sure are fun. I had a couple of them for a couple of years. Don’t knock it till you try it.