Bluetooth Earpiece

I love my bluetooth earpiece, they look nerdy, hanging fom your ear, but I cannot stand losing a hand while I hold the phone up to my ear.

I lost mine last week, I laid down on a dock, and it fell from my ear, right between the crack in the boards, and into the water. Quite funny, really.

I made exactly one phone call before I went out and bought another, but it does not have the features of my old one.

My old one, all the audio on my phone came over the earpiece, music, I could hear the videos, WhatsApp calls everything. My new one, only the actual phone call comes over the earpiece. I used to love listening to music during meetings at work or sittting at my desk. Plus,it was only in one ear, so I could still hear what was going on around me.

I need to go get a better one, more like my old one. My old one was a Plantronics, my new one is a Samsung.

My new one, Samsung Basic.

My old one, but it was white.

I gotta get on it today, I really don’t like my new one.

That’s my post for today.

Do you have one? What kind? Do you like it?

Have a great day!