Scattered Rain? Very Scattered!

Yesterday was supposed to be clear, according to the weatherman. It was clear in the morning, when I rode my scooter to work. By lunchtime, it was clear to the north, but at the southern beach I go to for my lunch hour, I could tell it was raining. I waitied and waited for it to clear up, bu it didn’t. By the time I went home, it was pouring at work, and I woe my rainsuit home, but didn’t get rained on.

This morning, before my run, I went outside to get the cat bowls, came in and filled them up to take back outside, and it was pouring. Now, a half hour later, There”s not a cloud in the sky. Like I hallucinated the whole thing.

It won’t be a scooter day today, that’s fer sure.

Wife says there’s six cruise ships in today, first time in a long time. I need to run into town today..