Bodden Town

Yesterday was Bodden Town Heritage Day. I think it was great and I had a good time. I got to talk on the air a lot.
When we first got there, the parachuters came down, they jumped from a helicopter. The very first one waited till I thought he was going to die before he pulled the ripcord. They are very acrobatic. They do all kinds of loops and turns and then come almost straight down at a high rate of speed then even out and cruise parallel to the ground before landing like an airplane. It would be really fun to try that.

The two pics above are Steel Pan Drums. The second shows the detail, hitting different portions of the surface produce different notes.

Here are what Americans call “tops” but Caymanians call them (I think) “Jigs”. I forgot.
You hold the string and kind of throw it/spin it almost like a frisbee but aiming down toward the ground. They can spin for a really long time. They are hand made out of wood from trees destroyed by Hurricane Ivan and most have a very sharp piece of metal like a nail sticking out the bottom to spin on. I couldn’t make them spin, but all the children can. Most come with a special base to hold them and display them whey you’re not playing with them. They are high quality and very Nice!
Today is George Town Heritage Day. Our newsroom is covering that and I am not scheduled to work for it. But I might go down there just for fun!

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