Monday! (not)

It’s Wednesday, but it feels like a Monday to me, because I was off yesterday!!! And it was GREAT!
today is East End Heritage Day. We’re broadcasting from 1 till 2:30. Above is a pic from my day off yesterday. It is from the public beach on Seven Mile Beach, looking south at George Town and the cruise ships.

0 thoughts on “Monday! (not)

  1. Okay, here’s a secret. I asked my new boss if I had to listen to our podunk local station in the office and she said no. SO I have Radio Cayman playing in my office. MarkD, you have a great voice on the radio. Maybe I could moved down there and we could do the Mark and Kelli Morning Show, and you could introduce me to one of your hot diving friends. Huh?!

  2. Loverly beach. Still jealous of you. Can I teleport there? LOL! Today was nice here in Nova Scotia so I can’t complain.I’ve got one better – today is Wed, but it’s my Friday…off tomorrow and “real” Friday. Woot!

  3. Renee, you have pretty much fun too ya know!Mindy, Welcome! Keep coming back!Shelly, I bet it is nice there. Restless, how did you know it was me?Cindy, No, Tica hasn’t come back yet