Bogus World Record Sea Swim

This woman swam from Cayman Brac to Grand Cayman, about 80 miles.
On the way, “the crew” killed all the sharks they saw. read the article HERE. First the newspaper told us about the killed sharks, then they changed the article and said no sharks were killed, and all the media was telling the lie. Now they switched it back to the truth. It’s quite the big thing around here these days.

If the sharks were an obstacle, and the obstacle was removed by someone not swimming, does the record stand? It shouldn’t. If someone didn’t kill the sharks, she would have gotten in a boat. How is it different than climbing a mountain and saying “look! There’s a cliff. There is a danger I might fall!” So you take a helicopter up the cliff part. And then you get credit for climbing the mountain.

What if someone comes and says, ” I want to break her record by doing it faster, and since you killed the sharks for her, you must kill the sharks for me!


2 thoughts on “Bogus World Record Sea Swim

  1. I can't really figure out why someone would want to swim someplace so incredibly dangerous in the first place. I mean, there are sharks in Galveston and I know I pays my money & I take my chances, but it seems to me she could have chosen a safer place to swim. 🙂 🙂 🙂 (I know! She was trying to break some sort of record…blah blah blah. Whatever. I just can't imagine record breaking being more important than not being eaten by a shark)What I want to know though is, if they had eaten the sharks instead of whatever they brought along for meals and snacks, would that make any shark killing that may or may not have happened ok? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Re what you said about using the helicopter over the cliff part, I disagree… its not like that, its more like they tied a rope around her waist and had her still climb that part, ensuring that if she DID fall, she wouldn't get hurt. She still had to expend a lot of energy. Riding in the helicopter would have given her a rest. See what I mean?

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