Thursday Facts.

I’ve been sitting here 20 minutes trying to think of something to post.I like it when you wake up, and the first thing you do is take a big drink of cold cold water from the fridge, you can feel it all the way down.

I gave Sheba a flea bath yesterday, but not Ditto. Sheba was itching furiously. Ditto was wondering where his bath was. Normally he hides, but after I didn’t come looking for him, he came looking for me with a sorry “Where’s my bath?” look. Maybe I’ll get him today.

I re-wrote my resume. I like the way it came out.

I gave my resume to an employment agency.

My company has a write up in the upcoming Chamber of Commerce Magazine.

Business will pick up at the same time I get a regular job.

Maybe now it won’t since I said that.

But since I said THAT, it will.

I wonder how often I jinx myself.

Last night we saw the moon rise out of the water, it was cool.

I mowed the front, the back still needs it. Soon the front will need mowing again too.

Today I have to go get my plans and building materials list, pick up my scuba tanks at hydro, and fix a laptop.

I want to go to the beach and snorkeling.


3 thoughts on “Thursday Facts.

  1. After sitting for 20 minutes with a blank, how long did it take you to yabber? :-)I get those moments in front of my blog, then I quit without saying anything. Go snorkeling. Just don't forget to mow your front lawn again.I put crushed fresh garlic in my dogs' food to keep fleas away.

  2. Another Thursday fact: Today I saw a Mark look-alike… a real good one!! You'd have found it amusing (or scary :-))Your moonrise sounded quite spectacular. It looked pretty amazing here too – all red. P.S. The stone window from yesterdays post is from our garden pergola where all the cats hang out. It's made by Greek craftsmen and I believe it's a craft that has been passed on for generations – it's quite beautiful.

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