Book: Survivor

Finished the book Survivorl by Chuck Palahniuk.. It’s about this house cleaner, he cleans the same people’s house full time. Endlessly. His name is Tender Branson.The suicide hotline runs an advertisement and makes a typo. The phone number is Tender Branson’s number instead of the suicide hotline number. People start calling Tender Branson and he advises them to kill themselves. Many of them do. When the mistake is sorted out, and the calls stop coming, Tender gets decals printed; “Need help? Call me!”. He puts them in phone booths and near public telephones. He continues to advise the most desperate to commit suicide.

Tender is supposedly the sole survivor of a religious suicide cult. He then becomes a famous religious icon on TV and media.

Like all of the Chuck Palahniuk’s books I have read, Survivor is full of unbelievablly twisted people. It wasn’t pleasant to read, there was no moral to the story. Nobody in the book was happy. I don’t think I learned anything. There was nothing good in this book, but still, for some inexplicable reason, i recommend you read it.. I gave it four stars on Goodreads.

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