Earthquake Sunrise Runway

There was a small earthquake in Jamaica yesterday, we didn’t feel it here, I didn’t anyway, and didn’t hear anyone say they did.

this morning’s sunrise was quite spectacular I thought. Pictures below

And yesterday at work I got to go out on the runway about some stuff Tor the weather stations. Got a couple pics.

Aaaaaand tomorrow is Friday! Life is good!

No Rain

It hhasn’t rained here in a long time. I’m worried about the plants in the yard. I water, but rainwater is better than city water.

4 Day Weekend

Day one of the four day weekend starts with dick clouds and strong winds, and no rain. It is not going to rain no matter what, Seems like.

I’m still seeing a counselor about my divorce. But it not really about the divorce anymore.. My counselor said yesterday that my self-loathing undoes the therapy in between sessions. I recommended a lobotomy. Ha ha!

Have a great weekend!

Rare South Atlantic Tropical Storm

Low pressure off the coast of Brazil morphed into a tropical storm Sunday.
The South Atlantic Ocean typically doesn’t see many such storms.

Tropical Storm Akará. Read the article HERE.

The weather seems weird everywhere, here too. Normally January through March or April is clear weather with no significant features. Sunny and clear every day. Now we’re getting front after front, rain and wind and waves.

I didn’t realize that tropical storms were a rarity in the South Atlantic. I just knew southern hemisphere seasons are opposite than the northern hemisphere’s.

Happy Tuesday! Have a great day!

Quite Damaging Nor’Easter

Our Nor’Easter continues , there was quite a lot of damage to the waterfront. It reminds me of Hurricane Michelle, which, from far away, sent huge waves that broke open the turtle farm and put a big wave through my apartment in 2001.

Above is a picture I took of Don Foster’s Dive Center. The waves were regularly hitting the porch (on the left) while I was there. The porch itself was full of sand and the furniture was missing or broken.

I’m sure there will be more pictures coming out today

Hurricane Michelle did $28 million in damage, I’m sure this will compare. And this nor’easter is pummeling us for a longer period of time.

More to come.


We’re having a real windstorm right now. On the dog walk we saw some big branches down and some cables off of light poles (looked like fiber-optic cable)

theres driving rain and winds gusts about 40 kilometers per hour. And it’s cold!

The system should be weakening from here on out, but I’m waiting for the sun to come up so I can see how my yard is…

Have a great day!

No More Slack

Daisy has been really good at her no barking training.. I decided to leave her out of her kennel while I went out last night.

I came home to a little dog party. Lenny was on the sofa, (not allowed) and Daisy was on hyperdrive, bouncing around like a madwoman in a pinball machine. Lenny just wants to be rebel badass and impress Daisy. The worst he can think of is getting on the couch.

Apparently, this newfound freedom caused Daisy forget she’s not supposed to bark in the house and her barking kept me up again.

All training forgotten in an instant.

I’m the one who has to stop thinking the dogs have learned or changed and stop cutting them slack. I’ve done it before and always tell myself not to do it again.

Oh well, they’re good dogs, They just need to be “managed”.

Cold, cloudy and windy here today. The temperature probably won’t even reach 80⁰.

Have a great day!

What Scale?

I have a friend in Grand Forks North Dakota USA. It’s mighty cold up there.. Of course, you can’t tell how cold with any internet weather sites. They don’t specify the scale they’re using. How unprofessional! How unscientific! Is it Kelvin? It it Centigrade? Who can tell?

its either -7⁰ or 19⁰ or 266⁰ but it might be -7⁰ or 14⁰ or 251⁰, perhaps -7⁰ or -251⁰ or -472⁰. Who can tell? They might be using any temperature scale. Nowhere does it specify the scale being used. The information is therefore worthless.

Very annoying.

Happy Friday !

Small Business Holiday Matket

It was a nice weekend. I went diving yesterday. Friday afternoon I went to a first night of Chanukah event. On Saturday I went to the Small Business Market. It was quite nice. I imagine myself doing something similar with wood.. Make something I could sell…

Here it’s been raining all night and it continues to pour. I didn’t see it coming!

Happy Monday , have a great week!