Broken Stereo Of My Dreams

Had a dream last night about a party. We needed music. I went into a.messy storeroom and got a speaker from my stereo. It sounded ok, but there was only one speaker, and the other didn’t work, and was lost in the storeroom. The speaker wire for the working speaker, (a big cable in the dream) ran into the closet and got lost in the huge pile of junk.

It occurred to me that this stereo has been in my dreams before and I wonder if there’s some symbolism there.

The stereo, representing my mediocre life (career?), the messy storeroom representing my cluttered, disorganized brain.

A friend of mine appeared at the party, the only one drunk, and insisted I station someone at the back door to collect money from people coming in. The front door was open, there was a lot of people already there, and there was no reason to collect money at the back door.I finally got him away from me and was muttering “damn drunk” under my breath when I woke up.

I wonder this morning: Do I have a mediocre life? What am I comparing it to? Is my mind cluttered? Again, what am I comparing it to? Where do these ideas come from?

What is the purpose of the drunk in the dream? He quit drinking for a year and a half and became a good friend. Then he went back to drinking. Heartbreaking for me. He’s still a good friend but I never see him anymore.

We, (dawgs and I) had a very nice walk this morning. It was raining steadily the whole time we walked our mile and a third. I wore a hat to keep my glasses dry and a pair of shorts. We (dawgs and I) saw one other daily walker and we both said “Isn’t this nice?” To each other at the same time.

I’m gonna get this pesky workday out of my way then have a good weekend. Hope you have a good weekend too!