Posting On My Phone

This week, I’ve been posting all my posts on my phone and not my tablet. It seems the days are so full that I never have time to unpack it. I bring it home in my backpack, but don’t need it all afternoon and evening, then in the mornings, it seems like too much hassle to unpack just to.ppst then re-pack back up.

A few weeks ago, I copied all my phone apps onto my tablet, thinking I was going to move to an old flip phone I have and am really enamored with. It’s tiny and fits in my pocket and the battery lasts a week.

But it never happened…

Maybe it should. I’ve complained about this phone before.

Referring to m post yesterday, it was sunny when I went to the beach yesterday at lunchtime, but as soon as I got there, a big black wall of clouds and rain came right at me and I had to flee.

It’s almost Friday!

One thought on “Posting On My Phone

  1. Happy Thursday. Yes, moving from one device to another isn’t always easy. I seem to have gotten used to what I can do on each of them. I have access to almost everything on each of them, but only like to type on the standard size keyboard that doesn’t try to correct everything incorrectly as does my phone. Yes, I know I could change that, but….
    Anyway, happy weekend when it gets here!

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