Butternut Squash?

On our back porch is a large mostly unused flower pot that I dump coffee grounds and compostable stuff in, eggshells, banana peels etc. It’s good if you ever need a little bit of good dirt for another potted plant. A few years ago, I even found some big earthworms in there, don’t know how they got there, but worms are good for dirt.

Recently, we have had a pretty big plant start growing there from something dumped in the pot. For a long time, there were just big leaves, not coming over the top of the pot. Then, we started getting some big vines coming out of there.

And now they’re getting big pretty flowers.

I don’t know what I dumped in there, but my wife is guessing butternut squash. See the teeny butternut squash? The flower is apparently on the bottom of the squash.

The way I see it, is either we’ll have a whole bunch of butternut squash this summer, or else the vines will take over the whole house and we’ll die. Or both. But I figure if we can survive this co-void virus going around, we can survive some monster invader butternut squashes.

But I’ll keep ya posted. Over n’ Out.