Electronics Order Soon

Since my Garmin Vivo died the other day, I’ve turned on my Samsung fitness app tthatt’s on my phone It’s no where near as detailed as the Garmin app, and I have to carry my phone but it does a pretty good job counting steps and I was pretty impressed with it on my bike ride the other day..

Things are opening up here a little. The nightly hard cerfew starts at 8PM instead of 7. Hardware stores are taking orders for delivery. I could use some stuff.

It’s a month of dying electronics. My tabet is giving problems, my Garmin fitness tracker died, my Kindle, (2nd generation) made me do a hard reset and although it works now, I can’t register it to re-downlowd all the books I’ve bought. My wife gave me her old Kindle, but it seems to be dead-dead.

Getting readyy to place an electronics order, I guess.

Have a great day!