Cash wanted

Yeay! It’s Friday! I’m going to try to get off early because I’m working tomorrow. Also yesterday I didn’t get to take a lunch hour. They owe me big time!
I need to go diving this weekend.
I also need to go see the OI girl, I haven’t been in a long time. The problem is – finances. In the past 3 months I’ve made 3 trips to the US, bought land and I still owe the stamp duty. That’s almost $3000 by itself. I just can’t afford to go.
. . .

0 thoughts on “Cash wanted

  1. It’s hard to budget sex in sometimes but it is a necessity. Your lack of sex could be the reason for those nice little dreams you’ve been having!! I am officially signing out for the retreat weekend.Toodles…

  2. Maybe she needs to come to visit you instead of you going to visit her since you are cash strapped. Long distance relationships are a bitch to maintain. (did I spell that right???)