Cata Strophie

The new apartment leaked in the rain and I’m finding cracks in the concrete. I can only assume it’s from the earthquake we had in January. I filled some exterior cracks this weekend and last week, and I’m recoating the top exterior surfaces this week, (weather permitting). I’ll make sure it’s not leaking any more before I fill the interior cracks and re-plaster and paint.

It’s heartbreaking for me, my cute clean mini apartment all getting dirty and chipping the brand new paint and plaster off the ceiling and wall.

It was a nice weekend though, I try not to let unsolved problems ruin my here and now. The wife had to work Saturday, and I took her breakfast and it was fun.

We had some guests over for burgers last night and they brought their dog, Dizzy.

picture by the wife
picture by the wife

It was a real playdate for our Dizzy and Daisy and Lenny.

And now it’s a rainy Monday, and I’m ready to git ‘er goin’. I want to put the next week or two behind me asap. Get the apartment fixed and livable once and for all.

Wish me luck!

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