Yesterday in Cayman we had an earthquake. I felt it quite strongly. It was a smooth, rolling wavy earthquake, not the normal, much more violent vibratory, rattling, shaking earthquake. It was I think the fourth earthquake I’ve experienced in my life so far.

It had a tremendous effect on water in pools and cisterns. The water sloshing in the work cictern was the loudest thing, and I heard several stories about how water jumped out of swimming pools.

Below is a video stolen from Facebook at the Water Authoriity, generators and providers of fresh water for probably more than half the island. I think it’s very interesting. Give the cameraman a minute to quit spazzing out.

And there were several sinkholes reported too, the (also stolen from Facebook) video below shows the Westin Casurina Hotel on Seven Mile Beach.

I had no damage at home, and as far as I know, none at work. I haven’t heard of any of my friends reporting damage. I did see some pictures of cracked buildings in town.

And remember this?

Have a great Wednesday and good day!

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