Caught one cat

Last night the wife and I caught the first cat. My wife named this cat Little One.
Today Little One will be taken to the vet and “fixed”.
I feel sorry for Little One, I hope she’s not scared and I hope she feels no pain, and I hope she’s home again this afternoon no worse for the wear.

2 thoughts on “Caught one cat

  1. How did you catch her? How much does it cost to fix her? (in case I want to start emulating this eco-friendly activity)

  2. We got a trap from Cayman Care. (?) We've been feeding the cats every day for months. This time we just put the food in the trap. There's 5 cats we are trying to catch.Cayman Care will pay, if you can't, but they'd like us to, which we will. This evening we will let the cat loose where we caught her. Spayed, de-wormed and with shots.

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