Otaheite Apple

My wife germinated a seed from this fruit and we had it growing in a pot. Yesterday I transplanted it in the yard. The first two pics are from the internet, and the bottom one is the tree in place, next to it’s old pot.

It is pronounced OTA-EETEE Apple. I’ve also heard it called a Jamaica Apple.

The fruit is fantastic. It is nothing like I’d ever had anywhere else. The fruit is so delicate that it cannot be shipped. If fact, just handling it seems to bruise it. The taste is mild, light and airy. The texture is kind of like a green pepper, but not as dense. Very difficult to describe. Very delicate, very good. Although the flesh is more or less solid, except for an air pocket around the seed, The fruit weighs next to nothing.

I hope this tree takes hold in its new home and grows for hundreds of years and produces fruit for generations.


8 thoughts on “Otaheite Apple

  1. I had a huge one in my backyard from the time I was 9 till I was 18! I spent a lot of time way up in the top of that tree, picking apples, eating them, throwing away the seed, then repeating the procedure. Ask your wife if she can germinate a seed for me too!I think you'll be fighting the iguanas and the birds to keep them away from those precious apples from now on though…

  2. In Costa Rica, this apples are called "Manzana de Agua" which literary means "apple of water"… I love them, they are one of my favorite fruit and I can't wait to have some on our tree.

  3. I think it looks more like a pear than apple. I would love to taste one. I've never heard of them. And if they don't ship well, then that ends that!! I think it's great she got it to grow!! Amazing…debbie

  4. HA! – how amazing is that! Looks very exotic. I hope it really takes to the ground, it'd be very cool to grow your own. Never seen or heard of it before.P.S. Good luck with the kitties tonight!!

  5. Well done on getting it to grow from a seed!I hope it does well and gives you masses of fruit for years to come.We sure don't have them here.

  6. it looks great, i have one about 20 cm tall and i think is dying… the leaves are drying up and i dont know what to do. i put it indoors as the summer is almost gone now here in spain. any tips please!!!

  7. Clara, I don't know what to do, but I'd say move it somewhere else and see if it likes it there better. Check the soil, and make sure it is not too wet or dry (overwatering is the #1 killer of plants in pots). Also, try misting the leaves a couple of times a day.

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