Complaints Department

What thee effffen ‘ell is up with this Word Verification thing? Is it just me, or do they seem to be getting longer and longer? I wanted to complain when they were eight characters long and now I’m finding some that are ten! Heck, some of my posts aren’t even that long!
Plus half the time I can’t even read the dang things.

Also, I notice another of my links, the Single Scorpio is gone, too bad, she had a nice template. (I got the hots for women with nice “templates” heee heeee heeeeeee!!!!) I think that if I ever delete my blog, (which I won’t) I’d have to go around and leave a comment, saying goodbye, to everyone on my linklist.
Bye Single Scorpio!

0 thoughts on “Complaints Department

  1. Thanks Mark for thinking of your faithful readers if you decide to take down your blog. I would hope you would say goodbye. Um, yea the word verifications are kinda crazy…I can’t read them sometimes either. I’m more amused by them because sometimes they make a funny combination:toobuve

  2. Dang dude, two bloggers gone in two weeks. Was it something you said? 🙂 seriously, we all need a sense of closure when a blogger leaves blogland. Come on gals, let us know what happened.

  3. That’s odd. I just went to one of my frequent blogs and it’s gone now too. I was just on it last night. What’s up with everyone dissapearing lately?

  4. Hey Mark – Marie (single scorpio) isn’t gone – she just took a break and relocated her blog (template is still the same though since you like it! haha) go to my page and click her link – that’s her new location…..

  5. Isn’t the word verification just to keep spammers away? To me, well worth it. But I believe you can change your preferences so your own blog doesn’t ask for word verification… just so ya know. 🙂

  6. “What thee effffen ‘ell is up with this Word Verification thing? Is it just me, or do they seem to be getting longer and longer?”(laughing) I thought I was the only one that noticed the increasing difficult patterns of letters. We may find someday that Blogger is actually staffed by aliens who have been subliminally communicating a detrimental code to us through “word verification”…Douglas Adams could do something with that.It is funny though. It could be worse I guess, it could be Chinese Arithmetic.~michaelm