I feel good!!!

I feel really good. I have a smile on my face that feels permanent, like a dolphins, but unlike a dolphins grin, which doesn’t mean anything, my permagrin is very much indicative of a good mood!
I’m glad it’s Friday, I am so looking forward to the weekend. I doubt there will be any diving, because of the weather, still going on. But it will be good to check out the new beaches that Hurricane Wilma Left for us (or took away). It’s been cloudy so long, my nose has lost it’s nearly permanent sunburn!

I think
Hurricane Wilma was named after Wilma Flintstone, famous actress and supermodel of the ’60’s.

I was going to ride my bicycle into work today, but I decided against it. On the mandatory daily morning dog walk this morning, it was still cloudy and there was lightning. Not to mention windy. This week gasoline was $4.08 a gallon. ($4 CI equals $5 US) I’ve heard that it is now $4.18. I definitely need to start riding instead of driving, but I think I’ll start next week.

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  1. Wasn’t Wilma the worlds first international supermodel? I want to go where the gas is $2.44 a gallon! It is $2.98 here. I don’t want to pay $5 a gallon that’s for sure. As it is it costs us almost $60 to fill up the SUV. Damn gas hogg!

  2. Wilma Flintstone was a supermodel?Actually that explains a lot. It must have been true love to leave a life of glamour and luxury to marry her one true love, Fred.

  3. Fred and Wilma, Pebbles and Bam Bam and Barney and Betty were all just actors, they weren’t really a family and neighbors and stuff! They also had jobs acting in ceral commercials and vitamin adverts. Also they guest starred on other shows, like the Jetsons.Sheesh, do you guys think they were really married? Like the Brady Bunch? (Six kids without ever having sex!) The Flintstone cast all had vastly successful careers!Pebbles and Bam Bam even acted together in another show when they got older. Also I heard the Jetsons have a beachouse being built here on Seven Mile Beach. I’ve seen the house, but no Jetsons yet!

  4. In Portugal it is also expensive to drive, but the public transport is also not cheat at all.I love the Flinstons… funny person to have picked as the caracter for the huricane. Jetson’s man I enjoy that… my mother loves the fact there is no cooking to do, that all they need is to eat a tablet and they get all the ingredients they need for a good healthy diet:) The Moon, it’s hard to explain cause since I’ve been very young the Moon has seamed to atract me in a misterious way.The face she presents seames to always correspond to my feelings.(If you look at the Moon carefully you can always see a secret smile or a more beaten down expression). And also My grandfather whom I really Love very much lives in South Africa and the Moon is the Mistik Face that keeps him and I connected, I send news and love when ever I want everytime I look at My Moon.