Continuation of Crabbiness

Yesterday, my post indicated that I wasn’t in a good mood, but I failed to describe why.

I used to run and swim every morning. Now I just walk the dogs. I really liked running and swimming. I used to stop on the way home from work every day, and swim the half mile. Then I started having to have to come home in hopes dogs haven’t peed all over the place.

How did I get shenaggled into this? I can’t tell you the last time I set foot on Seven Mile Beach. I still go to the beach at lunchtime, but it’s only an hour.

It’s nobody’s fault but mine. It’s like I just quit, and am blaming others.

I used to dive every weekend, sometimes after work. When’s the last time I posted an underwater photo here?

I need to get off my damn dead ass.

4 thoughts on “Continuation of Crabbiness

  1. You definitely describe a bad case of dying ass. You’re right – get off it and go to the beach. Salt water is the cure.

  2. Full moon tonight, too. But yes, get back on your feet! My dogs have altered my routine as well. I used to get up and run and leave my kids sleeping, but I can’t just leave the dogs unwalked!

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