Humpty Dumpty

Light at the north and south poles.

Tomorrow is the equinox. One of the two “Hump Days” of the earth. The sun moves into the northern hemisphere sometime today or tomorrow. Start of the longer days, warmer waters. (Here in the summer, the water temp is about 86 degrees F, but in the winter, it plummets to 82 F! Brrrr!)

Yesterday, I received my building permit for the downstairs addition on the house. Hopefully, and quite probably construction will take less time than getting the permit! Hopefully, it costs less too!

Looking back over the past few days, my posts seem pretty negative to me. Not really an accurate depiction f how I generally feel throughout the day. Overall, I know my life is fantastic.

Today, is another dentists appointment, to finish a root canal started last time. Then pull my broken tooth, and get ready for the implant. And two caps. I should be in tip-top shape after that! Hopefully, home additionn construction costs less than all my recent dental work! Ha Ha!

Have a great day!

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