Corned Beef Hash

This morning I’m making Corned Beef Hash and eggs for the wife. She’s never had it before.

If she ever wakes up.It’s hard to find a pic on the web where the Corned Beef Hash and Eggs actually looks good.

0 thoughts on “Corned Beef Hash

  1. Oh, that looks good. Your wife is a lucky gal. Thanks for your recent visit to my blog. No, we don't swim in that river – for some reason, it seems to have a greater number of water moccasins than other rivers that are in the area. We have canoed it several times, however.Jane

  2. How sweet of you!! Looks pretty good. I love stuff like that! Lot of people don't like hash, but I do! Was she surprised? Hope so, and I hope it was delicious, sure looks so!…debbie