Anger and The Teacup Theory

My brain is floating in a teacup. The teacup is so full that if you put a drop of tea in, a drop spills over the side into the saucer. From the saucer, back to the top if the cup, is a tiny pump and a tiny filter. It pumps the liquid from the saucer, back into the cup. The water flows constantly, spilling over the top of the teacup down into the saucer, then getting filtered and pumped back into the cup, causing more to spill over. When I’m in a good mood, the water in the teacup is nice and clear. When I get angry, it’s like someone puts a teabag in my brain water and the water turns brown. Even after the source of the anger is gone (Someone took the teabag out) The water is still brown and I stay angry until the tiny filter filters the water and it gets clear again.

Yesterday I bought a new light fixture for our closet. I got it home, and two of the four screws were missing. So I’m running back and forth, up and downstairs, looking for screws to fit. What should have been about a 10 minute easy job took about two hours, just looking for two damn screws. I ended up putting two sheet metal screws in instead of the two machine screws that were supposed to be provided. It was very frustrating. Plus they had this stupid fiberglass disk that goes between the fixture and the ceiling, I had to align the screws through the fiberglass. I hate fiberglass.

Even after the light was hooked and the light was working, I was still angry about the bastards shorting me two screws. What kind of person works at that place, who can’t get four screws in a bag, and only puts two?
Anyway, I slowly got better, and my Wife knew what was going on. She looked amused… I said to her “I think my teacup theory is pretty accurate”. She agreed.

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