Crazy Dream

This is a long tale, I’m shortening considerably.

I was in a car, going up a steep steep mountain, my Dad was driving. There were so many super bright flowers you couldn’t see the road most of the time. Once we came to a clearing and I could see cars sliding down the mountain on zigzag like railroad tracks that lifted the car by the axles and took the tires off the road. My Dad said this helped traffic flow because nobody could use their brakes. The zig zags were to make it fun.

Next thing I know I’m in a school. I remember I’ve been here before. The tables are long like picnic tables. I’m sitting on the far right front row. I think I have a crush on the teacher, she’s kinda cute!
Then it’s time for a break. We all go outside. It is like a big field on the flat top of a mountain. Then back to class then lunch.

At lunch, I am driving my Toyota Landcruiser. I am shooting pool and there is a broken beer bottle on the end of my cue. Then we go outside to go back to school, and as soon as I take the car out of park, it rolls backwards into this big ditch. I see two girls standing at the top of the gully as I roll backwards down…

Then I’m looking for something in this mansions garbage. I find my pool cue with the broken beer bottle on the end. The millionaire who lives in the mansion comes out, asks what I’m doing and offers me a ride back to school

I get back to school, and I’m way late, so I go to the office. Walking down the hall, I accidentally kick my shoe off and it falls down a round hole in the floor the size of a tennis ball. I look down the hole, and see my shoe, in a trunk full of shoes. I ask how I can get my shoe back and am told there is a hatch down the hall but there is flooding. I open the hatch and see nasty water. I close the hatch and go look back down to the tennis ball hole and I see water coming up and up and finally squirting out of the tennis ball hole.

Then I woke up. It may not sound like it, but it was a pleasant dream. I didn’t get all pissed I lost my shoe, and I didn’t get all pissed I got stuck. I felt good in the dream and I felt good when I woke up. In my dream, I got my truck out of the ditch, but I still got a ride. And I went back to class with one shoe.

This is my post for today!

4 thoughts on “Crazy Dream

  1. What in the world do you eat at night??? No food for you past 7 pm.Do you partake in anything wacky? lol, Did you mow the grass? Maybe that's why it was a good dream. You accomplished mowing even tho you might not have wanted too! lolMaybe you should write a short novel on your dreams!!! It would probably be a great read!!! …debbie

  2. i consulted my dream books..these are all obstacles that people or life is putting in your way, but you just go thru it enjoying life as you go.

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