A Movie Called Hugo

The other day The Wife and I watched a movie called Hugo. It was an very enjoyable movie about an orphan boy named Hugo who lives in a train station in 1930’s Paris and is trying to repair an automaton his father left him. The boy is convinced the automation holds a secret message from his father. Hugo gets some of his parts for the automaton by stealing them from an unpleasant, rude, local watchmaker who (of course) has a daughter who hits it off with Hugo.

On the comic side is a Police Officer who captures orphans and is always after Hugo. The officer has a bad leg that has a cage type splint on the outside, and it’s always getting jammed up. One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when the officer is wooing the flower girl and his leg locks up while he is bent over. Embarrassed, he says “My leg was injured in the war, and it shall never heal” and he flees. This makes me think the bad guy police officer is really a good guy, which is indeed quite true in the end!

When Hugo gets the automaton fixed, the automaton delivers a surprising message, linking the automaton to the watchmakers past and to the reason behind his ill mannered nature.

I’m not going to tell more than that, but this movie was very very good, the kind of movie you listen and watch intently to not miss a word or scene. The acting and cinematography is excellent, the characters are all intriguing and entertaining and the plot is interesting and lively. I highly recommend it for anyone of any age and found it to be extremely pleasing to watch.

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