Dannng! Talk About A Conversation Killer!

I guess nobody liked my zackleys joke, Not a peep from anyone after that! Jeez! Sorry! I’m not the one who invented the zackleys ya know, its not my fault! In grade school this kid in my class told me he invented diarrhea, he was being serious too.
Since I got home from the hurricane, I’ve been asleep, almost 12 hours of deep deep sleep. Now it’s bedtime and I have to go to bed, but…. I’m not tired.
I feel cheated because I’ve had 3 weekends in a row ripped off because of bad weather. My last dive was July 4th.
I have a friend in Cozumel, so I’m still tracking the hurricane, hope they’re as lucky as we were. They should be feeling it right now. The eye looks like it’s closer to Cozumel that it was to us. He has a rebreather too and he emailed and said he had it all ready to go in case he needs to spend some hours underwater. He’s a cave diver and my deep diving buddy and I know he isn’t joking. He will go in an underwater cave and wait out the storm there.

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  1. Morning Mark, funnily enough I have heard a similar zackley joke (something to do with a womans face looking zackley like her behind!) but I won’t go there ;o)Isn’t it dangerous being in the water during a hurricane? I remember watching a boat pull it’s morings across the bay! hope your friend takes care.I’ll mail you later with my html tricks, but now my girls are on holiday my daytime routine (of getting an hour about now!) is out the window.

  2. They have underwater caves? How cool! Do they have air pockets in there or are the caves filled with water (being underwater and all).I’ve heard that joke about a womans face looking zackley like her behind too now that you mention it. What were you doing during the hurricane that caused you to be so tired that you needed 12 houyrs of sleep? Ha ha.