He shoots! – HE SCORES!!!!!

As you know, my car has been giving me problems. I took to the repair shop and they said it needed a new transmission. After thinking about it, I found it hard to believe because I had the filter cleaned a while back and I was told the transmission was “perfect”. Also I found out from the receptionist (who happens to be totally hot) that their transmission mechanic was off the island.
Last week, I went there and told them I didn’t believe the transmission needed to be replaced.
There was no trauma, I wasn’t pulling anything, nothing happened to make it go bad, it didn’t make any noises, it just quit because the fluid just isn’t flowing properly, that’s all. I told them I wanted them to check it again.
I went back today and it was parked in the same spot. I took a guess that it hadn’t been moved since I saw it last. I confronted the owner for not looking at it properly and accused his mechanic of troubleshooting it by driving it to the corner, seeing the problem I described, and saying “it needs a new transmission” without even opening it up to take a look. (I took a shot in the dark, and scored a direct hit!!!!) I said I knew that it wasn’t dead and I wanted it fixed. I couldn’t afford a rental car while mine sits in their parking lot. Of course I had to do all this and still look cool for the abovementioned totally gorgeous receptionist.

They called this evening and said it was finished, $300. That’s a lot better than $2200.
Whooo Hoooo!

0 thoughts on “He shoots! – HE SCORES!!!!!

  1. Glad to hear that you got out with a mere $300 — doesn’t it just royally piss you off when people attempt to railroad you like these mechanics did??? Good job on holding your cool in the sight of the knock out receptionist..nice! 🙂

  2. And…? Did you get her number? Did you ask her out? Come on Mark, she’s seen your masterful side, will she see any more?Good news about the car!

  3. Yes, in the US it took 8 years to find a decent mechanic. This place, the owner seems like he has a good heart, I have faith. I out the pressure on the owner and he put the pressure on teh mechanic!Ha! No I didn’t get her number, it would not have been appropriate yesterday. But I admire your ability to pick out the importantest stuff in a blog!!

  4. Mark you rock! It takes guts sometimes to stand up for yourself. Glad you got your car fixed and I think you’ll have lots of fun on your next date too.