There’s a girl at work, our receptionist. She just had a baby about two months ago. Last night I went into work late for an outside broadcast. She was sitting there, waiting for her husband to pick her up and take her home. She had been waiting an hour, like every night, when he is supposed to pick her up. He treats her like shit. He doesn’t work, he just fucks off. I always get so mad when I see her waiting every night for him to pick her up.
She acts like you think she’s going to act. If you think she’s lazy, she’s lazy. She acted not-too-bright, but I could see the intelligence in her face when she talked to her childeren. I always knew that if I asked her to do something, she’d get it done, and she always did. I liked her. She is someone who I think grew up being squashed by everyone she knew. Defeated. But she still had the spark in her.

Last night when I saw her, I noticed she looked younger and calmer and more serene than normal. Very relaxed.

This morning, she passed away.

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  1. Apparently she woke up early in the AM, said she was having trouble breathing and wanted to go out for some fresh air. She went outside, collapsed, and died. They’re saying heart attack.She was about 43 years old.

  2. Five years ago today, my mother lost a 42-year-old coworker the same way. It’s still hard to come to terms with. I feel badly for her baby. I hope her husband will grow up and accept his responsibility toward the child. Sometimes life has a way of making people become what they should be.