This morning I spent almost the whole study time trying to make a math formula work that wouldn’t work. There’s an example in the text that doesn’t come out, the answer they give is not what I get when I enter the same numbers on my calculator. I guess they think nobody’s going to check. There is a test question using the same formula and the answer I get isn’t even close to any of the four choices given. Fortunately, it’s a three part question and the other two parts come out spot-on, giving me what I hope is a lucky guess. I guess I’ll have to call the school today and get them straightened out, put them back on the right track, help them see the light, if you know what I mean.
It is very frustrating, and I hope it doesn’t reflect how my day is going to be. Today I will be going to customs to get my 640 pound box.

This is a picture I took last Saturday, it is a wrecked ship and a not wrecked ship.

I rekkon I’ll be buying the OI Girls airline ticket today. Allegedly her new boss will email it to her today. I’m broke, she’s broke, everybody’s broke.

A lot of days I can’t think of anything to post here, today I could go on and on.

The coffee was very good this morning.

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  1. the wrecked one is (was) the Gamma. its a great snorkelling spot if you haven’t already been.-also broke. i miss Cayman’s no-income-tax policy.

  2. I’ve never seen a real shipwreck before. I’d be so interested to see one up close.I hate it when math problems come out wrong. I used to have those issues where the answer key said one thing and I said another. Unfortunately, it was usually me that was wrong.