Day Late Dollar Short

The local newspaper finally picked up my story about the alien pig elephant..

Read the Cayman Compas HERE.

I liked the elephant speech post I posted previously. RE-reading it now, it’s quite weird, and not that funny. I put it on Facebook and it didn’t get one single like or comment. Kinda hurt my feelings.

I have a warped sense of humor.

But you heard about the elephant here first! About a full week before anywhere else!

If I celebrated birthdays, I’d do it today. 58.

AND, all the Thailand cave boys, and coach have been rescued from the cave!

Have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Day Late Dollar Short

  1. A very happy birthday to you. It seems like the elephant is getting publicity, which was the point of making it, so that is good.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY… I hope you’ve had an awesome day.
    We have far too much trash/plastic rubbish here too.
    I like the elephant concept.
    Being a girl, I think it could have been ‘prettier’! lol

  3. Trash seems to be a problem in many places. Here people find places to dump their trash and a couple of illegal trash haulers were arrested and are awaiting for a court appearance for burning trash and burying it. Pollution, it’s stinks.

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