Nuthin For Nuthin

I got an award for one connection.

After more than a decade of almost-daily blogging, I got an award for 20 “likes”. Without even having that feature on my blog. Maybe I’ll win the Nobel Peace Prize today!

While my foot was broken, I continued to get emails about placing high in some Garmin Step Challenge that I didn’t even know I was in. Hmmm, I’ve been laying on my back for a month, the step challenge must be a load a crap. I don’t even know who the other participants are.

Is this an example of what’s going on when people talk about “participation awards”? When every competitor wins an equal prize so the losers don’t feel bad? I don’t think this is a good practice. I think the effect would be more that the winners quit trying more than the losers try harder. Bad for society, bad for all the individuals, bad for productivity, bad all around.

It certainly isn’t my intention to post a negative post. I feel good! I actually ran this morning, my streetlight to streetlight run/walk/run/walk. My foot started hurting a little, but feels ok now, so I’m going to start picking up on the running again.

Had a couple friends over last night for a birthday dinner. Yesterday daytime it was rainy, and I didn’t go to the beach, but today is supposed to be sunny and it’s a definite beach lunch day. And let me tell you, it’s hot already. Steamy from the rain yesterday. And the sun’s barely up.

Have a great day! I gotta go get ready for work!

2 thoughts on “Nuthin For Nuthin

  1. I’m glad you managed to get out yesterday, but don’t overdo things with your foot hurting. I get what you mean about awards. I’m not keen on things being dished out without reason because then they lose their whole purpose, the entire weight and merit behind them. ‘Achievements’ from WordPress, like with getting X number of views, are genuine, but then again I’d still stay it’s better to measure ‘success’ or progress on how you feel, to set your own milestones and things to feel proud of. Anyway – fingers crossed it is sunny for a beach lunch today! 🙂

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