Dear Sirs or Madams,

I purchased one of your “Super Floatie” Floating Key Rings the other day. I sure did like it! The bright red color sure did make it easy to spot in your pocket or purse. Plus I liked the security of knowing my keys will float if I drop them in the water.
It was very convenient and easy the way the clip clipped on my keychain, and it seemed to be very stoutly constructed and a well engineered design.
I do have one question about the technical aspect of operating this keyring though, it didn’t seem to be covered in the technical manual.
You see, I thought it would behoove me (for years, I thought it was ‘be who of me,’ until I recently saw the word printed) to test my new Super Floatie” Floating Key Ring. Soooas a test, I dropped it in 42857 fathoms of water. My question for your technical support department is, “How long does it take my “Super Floatie” Floating Key Ring to resurface”?

Sincerely Yours,Mr. I. M. Steuupid

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