Paranoid Mode

Where I work, the employee discount is 10%. I get 25 from the competition. I discussed this with my boss and he said that an ex employee was taking advantage of it so he changed it, but “Come to me, I’ll give a better discount, no problem”. So I bought a wetsuit. he rang it up with the 10% discount. He gave me a 10% discount when I didn’t even work there! I was pissed off, but I didn’t say anything, partly because I’ve learned it isn’t a good idea to say anything when I’m pissed off, but I woke up this morning, and I’m still pissed.

I walked the dogs, freeking Sheba can’t find a place to pee, obviously she’s trying to keep me from drinking my coffee.

I found a dirty dish in the strainer. I start thinking that I have uncovered a huge conspiracy by the wife. She purposely left that spec of dirt there when she did the dishes, so that I’ll get pissed, ban her from doing dishes, and then I’d do the dishes all the time.

This is the mode my brain is working in this morning. Paranoid Mode. I hate myself when I’m like this, and I hate feeling like this. I need a

6 thoughts on “Paranoid Mode

  1. One prescription of "Chill Pill" coming up!Yeah, I did leave that spec of dirty last night just to get on your one nerve left, ha! it worked…. Just kidding! But now really, relax and be happy, today is Thanksgiving, so just concentrate on the MANY other blessings you have in your life, including ME!!!!!! Love you <3

  2. It's just a fact that certain days are such that one just want to wake up and it being the next day. Anyhow… I hope you get to find a bit to be thankful for today, escecially that beautiful wife and her sweet little conspiracies.I'm so pleased to see pictures of your thriving kitties. I've had problems with fat neighbour cats at the dumpster where I feed skinny scrawny cats and kittens. It's a bit of a problem because they're so big and healthy and therefore dominant that they just push the other cats aside. As if that wasn't enough the free roaming chickens have become such a pain that I've now had to buy corn to feed the chickens too – otherwise there'll be nothing left for the skinny cats!

  3. LOL, you sound like a grumpy ole' man!! ha ha! Take the chill pill and you'll feel much better. If you could have bought the wet suit cheaper, you should have bought it there!! Go back to bed, and get up on the other side! That works great sometimes!! Hope the rest of the day was better for you!! …debbie

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