Diabolical Genius

I have a small flashlight rubber-banded on the handlebars of my bicycle as a headlight. It’s more for cars to be able to see me than to illuminate my way. (Also I think there’s a law that says bicycles must have a headlight at night, but most don’t.) I noticed that my “headlight” was a little dim last time, so I bought two new “C” cell coppertops to replace the batteries.
Turns out, that when you buy batteries, you get a free flashlight, just like in the picture above. Turns out the flashlight takes “D” cells, which I don’t have, so I need batteries.

It’s a big plot I tell ya! If I buy batteries, I’ll get another flashlight and need two more batteries, if I buy more batteries, I’ll get another light and need even more batteries and…..

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