Dog Walk

On my daily morning dog walk, the breeze was nice and warm, and had a clean, new smell and a soft soothing feeling. The clouds were thin and banded looking and I could see the moon through them. I could hear the waves crashing at the beach, a quarter mile away. If you can hear the waves from my apartment, then it’s pretty rough.
I feel like I’m flying pretty loww ‘n’ level this morning. I don’t feel particularly good or bad. I’d rather not go to work, I think it will be kind of “Monday-ish” because I kinda didn’t work too hard yesterday.

Oh yeah! I got my second double digit comments on day before day before yesterdays post!

0 thoughts on “Dog Walk

  1. Do you have to evacuate. I noticed in your profile you live sort of in the path of Wilma. That really really sucks.I had an uncle live there for five years. Anyway hope your safe.

  2. Hey congrats on the comments, looks like you are a good dancer! The pics you posted are pretty wild. Hope there isn’t much damage around there.

  3. Hey Mark thanks for stoppin’ by my blog. Tell me how does one get a job in the Caymens? I need to work on that – I’m doing something way wrong I guess! LOL Glad to hear you made it through hurricane Wilma OK! 🙂 Cool blog you have here, I’ll be back! 🙂

  4. Who knew you would turn out to be such a good dancer?! Looks like the Keys are boarding up now for a Sunday night visit. I’m going into severe depression now!Glad you made it through okay.

  5. By the way, I just noticed your latest pics on your Flikr page. I love the one of you and Sol and of you and Ditto. Sol is very pretty. I like the facial hair thing you’ve got going on too. Any plans on keeping it?