My dog cracks me up. I find it hilarious what he finds extremely important, like sniffing a pee puddle or another dogs butt. What information is he gathering? Another thing is when he has to poop, he sniffs and searches till he finds that perfect square inch. Then he poops in a spot about 2 feet behind that because his nose is in the perfect spot, not his butt! What does he think?“Dang! missed again! I was certain I had that one lined up perfectly that time!”
How come every dog falls for the trick when you throw something and don’t let go, the dog thinks you threw it and it disappeared?
But dogs display unconditional love every day, the best known example I think.

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  1. My dog does the squat and poop, squat and poop. He is walking but all hunched up like his back feet are meeting his front feet. One poopy pops out and he walks still hunched up to a spot maybe 1 foot away and pops out another poopy and then repeats the process. The end result is that we have a back yard full of dog shit because he can’t stand and do it in one place. And what about the flashlight or laser beam trick where they follow the light. All dogs continually fall for that too.