effect and affect

I have serious problems with the words effect and affect. If anyone can spell it out for me, I’d appreciate it. I guess If I put some effort into it I’d remember.

I got an email from my friend in Cozumel, here’s a piece of it, reprinted without permission:

I was pretty well prepared, also for a flooding; I had a few full stage-tanks ready under my bed and my diving suit and sidemount-harness ready to put on ๐Ÿ™‚ I also had stored up with water and 300 hours of cave-diving lights… In the end, I realised that this hurricane could become really serious, so the better half of my brain stopped me from going cave-diving… (However, five hours after Emily passed by, I was already clearing the road to my favorite cave-diving site, Aerolito ๐Ÿ™‚
My main concern during the hurricane, was the expected flooding, but another worry was a huge, heavy cell-phone tower, which is cemented into the ground, only 15 meters from my room… The tower got a bit bent, and a huge steel-structure on top of the tower, is now completely bent to the side, but fortunately it didn`t come crashing through my roof ๐Ÿ™‚
Although Emily did pass by pretty close, she had a fairly high speed and, hence, didnยดt have enough time to destroy the island.

Three hundred hours of cave lights! Plus all his tanks filled, plus his rebreather! I told you! He was seriously thinking about it. I’ve thought about it, not in a cave, but there’s not much wave action that reaches down, say 200 feet, but the problem is, staying down long enough for the storm to pass. And the transition through the shallower, more turbulet waters.

Got that girl at works computer all sorted, its going to be a sweet machine. I still have to install some more software tomorrow. I give her a week to screw it up.

One of my long time friends found the link to this blog on my Yahoo Profile the other day, she told another friend. Pretty soon everyone I know will know about this blog. Too bad they’re all too chicken to leave a comment! Heee HEEEE!!