Don Quixote

I finished reading the book Orange Is The New Black, and now I’m reading Don Quixote. I found on the internet, that it is one of the most popular books ever written. It was originally published in 1605.

Had a little trouble with the title, at first I was pronouncing it “Don KwiX-otee“, but I discovered it’s properly pronounced “Don key Ho-tee“.

My wife was forced to read this book in high school, as were many I guess, but I had never heard of it before.

Let me tell you, it puts me right to sleep. It seems to me, that every sentence is at least half a page long, sometimes a whole page. Seriously, literally.

The book, and I’ve just started it, seems to be about a guy, probably hallucinating or schitzophrenic, who decides he wants to be a knight, gets his grandfathers old armor and an old nag of a horse and takes off. The first place he stops, an inn/bar which he seems to think is a castle. After conking a couple of mule keepers on the head, he gets knighted by the innkeeper and a couple of prostitutes, who he seems to think are a nobleman and damsels. I should point out that he can’t get his helmet off, and everyone is laughing at him behind his back.

So far it’s pretty terrible, and kinda funny. Like I said, it’s a forced high school reading, so I’ll probably choke it down and finish it, not like I did with Racing In The Rain, which I did not finish. Those poor kids, forced to read this book.

Yesterday, Sunday, hopefully, was our last lockdown day. Next Sunday, the beaches will be open for everyone, with no alphabetical last name restrictions. Restaurants and bars are opening outdoor seating only with group size and social distancing requirements. I’m ready to go order a meal, let me tell you.

Have a great week!

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