Watched the SpaceX / NASA launch yesterday. It is good to see the USA back in the launch game.

One thing that I noticed, is that one guy, I don’t know if he was a scientist, a reporter or some other NASA or SpaceX employee kept referring to the trip to orbit as “going uphill”, and “uphill”. Nobody called it that in the Apollo or Space Shuttle missiions. It was kinda cool and kinda annoying. Maybe annoying because I wish I’d have thought of calling it that. And everyone involved looked so young!

Speaking of the space shuttle, here’s a comparison of the Space Shuttle control panel VS the SpaceX control panel.

SpaceX had three wide-screen touchpanel TVs compared to Space Shuttle and millions of knobs and dials. On one hand, it’s modern, and on the other, what if something happens to the touchscreens?

Hope the astronauts complete the mission and return home safely and on schedule.

It’s a Sunday here, we had a good soaking rain this morning. Have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Uphill

  1. My touch screen on my new car went out yesterday. Then later it came back. Luckily it didn’t affect the running of the car.

  2. We are space junkies, too, and really enjoyed the newest adventure. I guess the touch screens could malfunction just as all those buttons and dials could malfunction….

    • Yes, but if one control fails, they all won’t, probably. I the touchscreen fails, there’s trouble.

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