don’ t wanna

Last night I was sneezing and had a sore throat. My wife prepared me a shot of Nyquil and I went to bed, and slept like a rock till about 15 minutes ago. Then I got up and walked the dogs and have had two sips of coffee. I feel stuffy headed and brain dead and still have a sore throat.

Dang it. I don’ t wanna get sick.

4 thoughts on “don’ t wanna

  1. Ughh, 'tis the season I'm afraid, least the start of it. Dose up on vit C and prepare to be mauled by your favourite duvet.. hope it passes soon. x

  2. So sorry–there is something very STRONG about the colds of the past few years: they really hold on to you. I've had a bad cold for about three weeks now; I hope yours departs soon.

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