Duolingo Ventilation

i have been doing Duolingo for 186 days in a row. This morning I ran out of hearts and couldn’t complete the lesson. The audio I was to translate was unintelligible. And other petty keeerap!

i try to get perfect scores on Duolingo. It’s not that hard. But I think they make it hard to try and make.people pay.

Poor quality drives away customers, not attract it. Online business seems to think that if they promise a product, then fail to deliver and ask for money to do what they already said thy were going to do, the people will just throw money at them. No, I will go to someone who tells me what it costs upfront.

anyway, I’m all bent out of shape over something that is really nothing. I’ll have more hearts this afternoon and complete my lesson.

thank you for listening to me vent.

Today I have a renter arriving to stay in the apartment for about a week. After that my mom and sister come. I think I have at least one booking in March already too!

Have a good day!

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