Busy Good Weekend

it was a very good, busy, full weekend. Friday I had dinner with some friends from out of town and in town, quite a large group of us went out and had burgers at Sunshine Grill.

Friday daytime, the old tenant moved out of the apartment. Saturday the cleaning lady came and we cleaned the apartment. And Sunday a new tenant moved in. Quite busy.

Saturday was the Butterfield 800 meter Sea swim. Good news and bad news there, the good news is that I came in last place in my age category. The good news is that I came in first place in my age category. I was the only one in my age category.

Saturday night I went to a friend’s birthday party at Hard Rock Cafe. It was very good with lots of food. And people. I don’t think I’ve been there since before covid.

Sunday, I went to beach yoga in the morning, then took Lenny the dog to the beach and to Camana Bay around mid-day, and then went to. Bar B Que in the afternoon.

Now it’s back to work on another Monday.

Have a great week!

Fixthings Friday

Above is the “sunrise” this cloudy morning. Walking the dogs was very quiet , no breeze, no sounds but chickens..

Yesterday afternoon I moved the wifi router downstairs to improve the signal in the apartment. I had to re-open a hole in the drywall to make the cable run U-turn.

This afternoon (or this weekend) I’ll fix the hole and hang the router on the wall downstairs.

Have a great weekend!

Bizzy Weekend

it was a busy,.full weekend. Friday I had a dinner that was very nice. Saturday was quite typical but I bought a new weed whacker to tame the yard enough to mow. It was a real jungle. Yesterday and a beach yoga morning followed by breakfast. Then I finished up the yardwork. Also I found some water damage 8n that apartment that I started to repair. I leak by the sliding glass door caused a couple pieces of rotten baseboard. I patched the leak (hopefully) and need to finish the baseboard. (Had a helluva time cutting the 45⁰ angles for a corner.) I have a tenant moving in tomorrow so I need to get this expedited today!

Last night I went out to a nice dinner.

And my American Football team lost. In overtime. Away.

And it’s a regular workday today.

Ciao! Have a great week!

Rocket Powered Airplane

I took this picture this morning just before sunrise. The sun was shining on the plane, but not on me yet. At first glance light was reflecting off the plane itself making a separate dot from the vapor trail, but by the time I whipped out the camera the reflection was gone. You can still see the plane pretty well in the picture.

I started reading Homer’s Odyssey, I don’t think I can do it. It’s written like bullet points, with one not relating to the other, along list of facts, it seems. I guess that’s what prose means.

Fitzgerald’s translation is probably the third translation I’ve tried. It is allegedly the most popular. I need to find a version that is written more like a story like a regular book. The way this book is written, reminds me of Dante’s inferno, a very tough read. I did find a storybook version of that, however.

Happy Friday! Tomorrow is July..

I have a tenant moving into the apartment today for 90 days. Gonna turn on the AC and put out some towels before I leave for qork I mean work.

Have a great weekend And a long one!

2 in a row!

Below is this mornings sunrise, because the pic makes the post!

I slept good again last night, 2wo in a row. Can it be as simple as not laying on my back? Will it last? Below is the sleep tracking from my watch, I barely woke up at all, usually I’m up a dozen times or two.

I’m excited, going to work today,. (That’s quite possibly the most insane sentence ever typed on this blog) I don’t know why that’s exciting. Hopefully I can swim at lunch, got a lady cleaning the apartment and she’s doing a really good job She started yesterday and will finish today.

Things are looking good! Have a great day!

Short On Time, Long On Fun

it was a short seeming weekend. Friday I played pickleball and didn’t want to quit when the time was up.

I rented out the apartment for 90 days, starting at the end of this month, gettind it ready, interior and exterior. I cleaned the breezeway:

After and before

I went diving yesterday, it was good, Not too much stuff tho and a pretty strong current.

And today is back to work Next weekend is another long weekend!

Have a great week!

What Day?

it feels like Monday but it’s Thursday. I was off a lot of last week (this week) and I’m off a lot next week. I’m getting the days mixed up.

Today one of my first cousins and his wife arrive. I’m looking forward to a week as a tourist

This.morning i have to finish cleaning the apartment. All that’s left is the floor.

Have a great day!

Super Duper Weekend!

Friday afternoon, I took half the day off work, mowed my yard. I was super glad to get that out of the way.! Friday night, went to the 1 year anniversary dinner of One Heart. It was great! Best time and company I’ve had in years.

Saturday, i took my tennant who was renting the downstairs apartment to the airport and began cleaning up for the next renter. Wanna come visit? Now is the time!

also Saturday, at about 13:16:40 hours, I passed the milestone of one billion seconds clean and sober. That’s about 31 years 8 months.

Sunday, nobody was diving, so I signed up for a 7AM class. I thought it would be crowded, but it was nobody but me and the instructor, and I again enjoyed wonderful company along with quite a workout. In the future, I figure I can make that 0700 class and still make it to a 0900 shore dive…. Beats trying to make a noon class after the dive and missing lunch with the dive crew…

I needed to tidy up a little around the house, and around noon Sunday, decided I needed some bookends. So, on a whim, I made some. More like a mini shelf, really. The ends can slide along the bottom board, making it adjustable.

I gotta say, for less than an hours work, it came out pretty good. I’ve had this old scrap piece of hardwood for years and years and it was perfect for this project. I could have spent infinitely more time on it and made it all fancy, but I got it working and left it there, I like it. It’s rude and crude, just like me.

Sunday, later in the afternoon, I went to a birthday party where there was entirely too much food.

Now it’s Monday again, back to work. 🙁

New Favorite Song This Week

My favorite song lately is Not Now John on The Final Cut by Pink Floyd. I remember when this came out, a long time ago. I dismissed it then as they were past their prime, but I remember that song in particular.

I don’t know who John is and don’t care what the words mean, I like the music. The music being the sound of the instruments combined with the vocals. There’s all kinds of references in there.

i have a tennant in the apartment for 10 days. It’s good to have it in use. The AC wouldn’t start though, and I had to call a repairman. Goodbye rent money. It’s alright though. I like seeing the lights on when I get back from walking the dogs.

Have a good day!

Friends Faux Family Farewell

My visitors leave today, I am quite sad about it. It was a very short trip.

Yesterday was so rainy, we could barely make it outside. But we had a two meal day consisting of a late big breakfast and and a late big lunch.

The highlight of the trip, I suppose, was Jessika taking the intro to scuba class at Don Fosters.

I am so sad to see them go. My life is forever enriched, seeing Jessika again. She was born (with her twin sister, Veronika) on the day I got out of the Navy. I wish they were my daughters.

Tomorrow it’s back to work for me. This morning my weigh in was 163.8, pounds an alarming new record low weight.

Have a great week!