entire contents of my brain

I’ve had this blank window open for quite a while and can’t think of a thing to post. Nothing worth posting, anyway.
I guess all the ants are gone, it was kind of weird. I found what looked like the beginnings of a colony inside the toilet tank. I washed them away, now it seems all the ants are dead. There’s dead ants everywhere, all over the floor, on the counters (I already cleaned it up, goes without saying) and all along the trail they were using. It seems like they just died at once and fell where they were. Freeky.
I’ve officialy started packing for Costa Rica. I put one pair of pants in my suitcase. That’s it for today, wouldn’t want to strain myself or anything. Also I loaded the Costa Rica maps in a little GPS I have.
That’s it, the entire contents of my brain in a couple paragraghs. There isn’t anything else in here. here.. herehere….
Except an echo

0 thoughts on “entire contents of my brain

  1. Dead ants…reminds me of the joke…can’t remember the joke, but the punch line is sung to the Pink Panther theme using the words dead ant….dead ant…dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, dead aaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnt. Yes, don’t stress over packing, get out on the beach!! Make a list of what to take while on the beach. I hope to be packing for Miami shortly. I need sun and sand. That’s the shortest and warmest, cheapest location as of this point. I swear, I’ll get to the Caymans…next time you go on vaca…me and Ditto, we’ll be buddies. We’re due for a snow storm tonight into tomorrow. Just a couple of inches. Story of my life. ;P

  2. Ants in the toilet. uh how does that happen? I hope you have a great time in costa Rica I say through clinched teeth because I am jealous. Life is to short to spend it miserable.

  3. I had no idea that ants could get in the toiket tank. What a horror! I know a gal that poured bleach on the ant trail once and that did it for her. They stopped coming in for that season. I guess they wanted to use that one trail and the bleach ruined it for them. We find those big black carpenter ants sometimes in the spring or summer. I HATE those things!

  4. Weird about the ants. Maybe you scared them to death.Have a great time in Costa Rica. From what I hear, it’s absolutely beautiful.