Thru Another

It looks like I’ll make it through another week. I’m working Sunday for a while though, but one week from today, The OI Girl and I depart for Costa Rica! I am pretty excited. I have to pack, I plan on fitting it all in one carry-on bag.
we had another cold front move through yesterday. This morning was clear and cold. The Sun’ll warm things up though.I hope it stays sunny!
I was talking to a friend last night and he was telling me that he just got his house payed off and just had his first paycheck in over 15 years without a mortgage payment or rent coming out of it. Now his wife wants a divorce. He and his wife have never gotten along since I’ve known him. She apparently waited till the house was payed off for some reason. I’m glad I’m divorced. My ex wanted a pre nuptuial aggreement. She had money from a house she owned and I had (still have) a house that’s rented out. Then the whole time we were married, she spent more than I was making, and was constantly complaining about not having money, and trying to get me to sell the house. Did I mention that she had to have a couple facials and massages every week? Her engagement ring costed $9000 and she complained it wasn’t $10000. I literally went 6 months without even buying a Coke because of her outrageous spending. And I was soo stressed..
Anyway, talking to my friend made me realize how lucky I am. All my problems are minute by comparison. My problems are big things like “I wanna go diving!” “It’s cloudy and I wanna go to the beach!” “I have to work this weekend”
I’m really lucky. Now I hope I haven’t jinxed myself.

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  1. I ay that I want a life with no mortgage payments but when I do the taxes and take all of that interest money off I am sort of glad. Just sort of. Pardon me but your ex sounds like she was in marriage for all of the wrong reasons.

  2. Wow! A $9000 engagement ring?? Now that’s what I call and engagement ring! I really hate it when women destroy a perfectly good man like yourself, which ruins it for the rest of us who wouldn’t treat a man like that. I don’t like her either! It’s good to have perspective and to be thankful for what we do have. I have to be reminded of that often.

  3. I am so glad to know you are feeling better. I haven’t read your blog in few days because of my busy life, but I see you have been having a hard time..Sometimes looking at the little things we have to be greatful for, helps us get over the little humps in our way. Damn, that sounds like something Bill W would say!