Finally Friday

I’m glad it’s Friday.
Monday I start a school for work. I’ll be in Miami all next week.
Hurricane season hasn’t even started and there’s a storm out there. Tropical Storm Ana.


Yesterday it was nice and sunny. Today should be the same. I’m riding the scooter to work for the first time in over a week.

I ordered an espresso tool from eBay. It is like one my Mother-In-Law has.  I love it. I am excited.


It has a scooper on one end and a tamper on the other. Greatest thing since sliced bread!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!

4 thoughts on “Finally Friday

  1. hmm, I didn’t realize that you were that close to Cuba..are you going there for a visit?..Be careful in Miami the weather is batshit crazy this time of the year.

  2. We are just out of your area and just got home (my blog lags about a week since I can only upload on Sundays when on board). We were glad to get away before the Ana arrived. Stay safe.

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