Fire "Over There"

This mornings sunrise looked like a fire under the clouds on the horizion. Redder than bright red, a new color. When the color red goes one way, it turns orange then yellow, the other way leads to purpleness then blue. This was a new direction towards a redder red. You’ve seen it.
I woke up this morning with a song in my brain. Nazareth, Miss Misery. So as soon as my coffee was done, I put on my 2002 MP3 player that has been kicking Ipods ass since long before they were even born, selected the required tune, adjusted the volume to the proper mind shattering volume for music of such genre, and hit “the button” (play). Then I walked my dog watching abovementioned sunrise.
In a few I have to go to the turtle beach walk. Also I have to go drop off my car a the repair place, then walk to work. Maybe I should call in late…..
Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Fire "Over There"

  1. What a beautiful sunrise. I’ve always thought that the sunrise over the ocean is the prettiest there is. I remember getting up as a child when we were on vacation and going with my dad down to the shore to watch the sunrise. Everytime you mention them here it makes me think of those mornings years ago. You know what, as techie as I am, I blush at saying I don’t have an MP3 player. I’ve often thought about getting one but for some reason just haven’t. Maybe one day….Hope your turtle beach walk is “fun” – I’m wanting you to stick with this so I can be greedy and ask for the pics again and again! haha — Hope you have a great day!

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