Monday Night.

It’s monday night. I hafta say I’m kind of sad Lentula Vitae seems to be gone, at least temporarily. Hope she makes it back! We all have our own little groups, our circles. Mine is different than yours, but still has many of the same parts. I have noticed that in my particular circle, we all seem to have started our blogs at the same time and I have been secretly wondering when people would start to disappear.
I notice much fewer comments and hits these past few days and it just makes me really sad. Not because I am a “comment whore” but you people who read this have become my friends. Socially, I don’t really have much of a life and this blogging thing has become important to me. I go look at old posts and see where people have already disappeared. As I have disappeared to some people. I posted a while ago about how it would take an ever increasing amount of time to maintain your visiting friends blogs and searching for new ones. Maybe it wasn’t a post on mine, but a comment on someone elses blog. I have notebooks that I have been writing in for almost 15 years. I can keep on doing this. It’s the same as my notebooks. In my notebooks it was more personal, more personal content and not every day, but it is theraputical and good for the brain, like I think this is.

Today I was leaving work to run a business related errand in the morning and my drivers door window exploded for no apparent reason, I just got in my car, started rolling it down and I saw it shatter just as it was disappearing inside the door. A few shards flew around but most ended up inside the door body and now my door sounds like bag of gravel when I slam it shut. I have an appointment to get it fixed tomorrow.

Tomorrow I start as a volunteer beach walker, to look for turtle nests. We meet on the beach near my house and walk a section of the beach 4 times a week looking for nests, helping the babies get into the sea, and well, I really don’t know, because I have to learn about it tomorrow. Coupla years ago I was on the beach and these girls came up and started digging near me. They knew there was a turtle nest there and had to check the eggs and place a marker. If the momma turtle puts the eggs too close to a street light, the babies can’t find the way to the sea and have to be rescued. Plus they look at the hatched nests and always find some that didn’t make it out and need to be rescued too. So it should be interesting and help me get out of the house more and cure this terrible sleeping late problem I have.

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  1. Interesting post. You said some stuff that most of us don’t have the courage to write but all think. I’m not a comment whore either but like you I notice when someone stops commenting or dropping by and I wonder what I said to cause it or what I didn’t say. Was I too boring? Was I a dirty bird on a post? Was I complaining too much? You get the drift. Anyway, thanks for putting something in words that I didn’t have the courage to. Did it scare you when your window shattered? I startle easily and would have most likey screamed like a girl if it happened to me. But then again I am a girl so I’m allowed to scream like a girl. Ha ha.

  2. Hi! I’ve noticed a bit of a slow-down in my blog compared to a few weeks ago. And I’m with Daisy Mae…I am not a comment whore either but I have to wonder sometimes what happened to the folks who used to comment regularly and then just disappear or comment on other blogs that I visit and not mine. LOL Wow, I like that you are doing the volunteer beaching walking gig. That sounds so cool. Will you get to take some pictures of your outings? I’d love to see them. 🙂

  3. I agree with Daisy Mae and Marie here — and you and I have already talked about this so nothing new really to say — just that I’m here for the long haul so no worries that I’m going anywhere… unless you people kick me out! haha 🙂 Ditto Marie’s comments on the pics too — I think those would be awesome!! 🙂

  4. daisy, i wasn’t too scared, I just uttered a colorful expletive and kept driving, then it occured to me that it was kind of uncomfortable driving sitting in broken glass, so I pulled over and brushed out the glass that was in the car.Yeah, it bugs me that people disappear. I wonder too, if I’ve done something wrongOh Marie! I’ve always been envious of your following and the number of comments you get! I don’t think I’ve ever even reached double digits, comment-wise. But still, I know what you mean.Wanting More, even if we discussed it on Yahoo chat, you still can put it here, this is for everyone to read, not just me! I will take pics in the future. Not today, I’m a newbie in training.

  5. Thanks Mark – maybe I’ll come back and put more about what I actually said during chat so others can see — not right now though – while I was awake at dawn yesterday I overslept bigtime today! URRR!! 🙂 NEED COFFEE and I’m not even a regular coffee drinker!!!