First one down?

I notice that on my links on the right, Pandoras Box shows up as not found. Sad. Did she delete her blog? It wasn’t there yesterday, and I thought maybe it’s just a fluke. Now it’s not there today. I read it Friday. I’m starting to suspect the worst. She deleted it.
Here it’s looking like a rainy Monday. Tropical Storm Wilma is moving to our south.
I need to start carrying a piece of paper. All day I get good ideas to write about, I think “That’s a good thing to put on my blog”, but when I sit down here to write about something, my mind goes perfectly blank. If I were to try meditation, I would strive for this level of blank mindedness, and instead I’d have tons of great ideas for writing about here! Meditate to blog, blog to meditate.

0 thoughts on “First one down?

  1. I guess swimming at lunch is going to be out of the question for the next couple of days. Batten down the hatches. Hopefully Wanda doesn’t do a real number on the island. Glad you had a good weekend.

  2. Here today it was sunny some and very little rain, the storm is meandering though, it’d be nice if it would get the heck outta here!

  3. That’s odd, I went to Pandoras Box just on Friday and perhaps Saturday too. I seem to recall her having problems of someone reading it that she didn’t want to anymore and that she knew that person in real life and she was thinking about changing blogs? Or am I thinking about someone else?

  4. I have this same exact problem. I spend lots of time in my car and that always seems to be when I think of all these fantastic things to write about….then when I sit down in front of my computer my mind goes completely blank. ::sigh::

  5. I do the same thing with regard to blog topics…I like your meditation to blog/blog to meditate comment though — too funny — but oh so true. I hope Wilma doesn’t do you guys too much damage down there. I know you have to work during the hurricanes so if that ends up being the case for this one please take cover and be safe!!!

  6. Two words: Voice Recorder. Small investment, and you will be *so* glad you have it when you think of a good idea for a blog. Much easier than having to dig up pen & paper, especially if driving, waking up in the middle of the night thinking of a blog-idea (or is that just me?!), etc… 😉